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Custom Applications

Mobile Phone and PDA development provides a new channel for either reaching your customers, or increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your staff.

If you need support with Mobile Phone and PDA development, please visit our
Support Page.

Developing solutions to connect to a mobile populace is fraught with difficulty due to lack of standardisation, integration complexity and phone porting (ensuring your product works on all phones) headaches.
You need an experienced developer who has solved these issues for you.

If you have an idea for a Mobile Phone service or application, or a vision to connect your staff or equipment, contact us today.

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Mobile Internet Design

Map Search

Delivering your on-line services to a mobile phone is a lot harder then it would seem.
The small screen and limited interface means that each page must be specifically reconstructed for this purpose.

Spectrum Wired has 4 years experience in delivering information to the small screen. We can help you effectively convey your message over this new channel.

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Spectrum Wired has produced multiple award winning mobile phone game titles, including the worlds first real-time multiplayer soccer game, Disney's Goal!

To view our back-catalogue of games, please visit

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Spectrum Wired has spent 12 man years developing a solution that delivers maps to your mobile phone! We have partnered with MapData Sciences Australia (Australia's premier provider of digital mapping solutions) to deliver this exciting new product to Australian and International consumers.

To learn more please visit

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Aurora CMS Integration

Web CMS Integration

Spectrum Wired has built-in interfaces for our mobile / PDA applications to hook into our Aurora CMS.

This allows you a single portal to administrate your website and mobile applications.
Mobile CMS integration also provides an easy way for your website and mobile applications to communicate with each other.

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