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Aurora CMS

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Spectrum Wired "Aurora" Content Management System

A dynamic Content Management System, designed to power enterprise websites, intranets and extranets.

Aurora is a web content management system which enables non-technical professionals to create, publish and manage websites with dynamic end-user functionality.
Spectrum Wired Aurora will help increase efficiency and save you money as well as ensuring that you can keep your site fresh, looking great and compliant with today’s complex accessibility standards.

Built on the J2EE platform, Aurora incorporates the latest Java technologies and other industry standards, such as Portlets and Web services.
Aurora is effortlessly scalable to accommodate business growth and can support many simultaneous users. It is easily customised and integrates with existing legacy applications and third party products. This translates directly into improved quality, reliability, greater cost-effectiveness, and reduced development time.

Built on standards based technology, whilst being platform and database independent, Aurora integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure to give you maximum functionality at an unrivalled price.

Aurora Supports:

  • Intranets and extranets
  • High volume content based websites
  • Multilingual websites
  • Online shops

Aurora is built on a component-based, modular architecture that allows additional modules to be plugged in as required.
A set of core modules make up the content management system whilst other additional modules offer integrated business management solutions including resource management and collaboration tools.

Standard Aurora modules are 'truly pluggable' and require no additional development.

The following are some of the modules Spectrum Wired has already developed that are ready to be plugged into your new Aurora system:

  • Shopping Module (with ecommerce extensions)
  • Members Module
  • Page Update Module (with live editing of page content)
  • News Module
  • Newsletter (Mailing List) Module
  • SMS / MMS Alert Module
  • Scheduler Module
  • Search Module
  • Enquiries Module
  • Backup Module

For a demonstration or any licensing questions please contact a Spectrum Wired sales consultant:

(02) 4925 3266