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About Spectrum Wired

Spectrum Wired are innovative leaders in Internet and mobile software development.

The award winning company has been developing Internet solutions since 2000 from their base in Newcastle, NSW. In the last seven years, Spectrum Wired has facilitated the expansion and creation of many businesses in the Newcastle and Sydney region by extending their services and products to the Internet, and the global economy.

The innovative design and technology contained within Spectrum Wired’s products has seen them receive several accolades in the global mobile development community. Spectrum Wired now counts organisations such as Nokia Future Labs, Disney and Fairfax among its customers. Spectrum Wired’s mobile products are now available in over 15 countries worldwide, through multiple carriers such as Vodafone and Orange.

Spectrum Wired services a variety of web clients, from national clients such as ticketing aggregators MyTickets and the Australian Labor Party, through to local Newcastle businesses all seeking innovative solutions to their business problems.


  • Winner of the Vodafone 2003 Java Games Challenge

  • 1st and 2nd in Sumea Mobile Gaming Awards 2004

  • Worlds first real-time multiplayer sports game for mobile devices, Disney’s Goal! in 2006

  • Construction and launch of Australia’s first online ticket aggregation service (MyTickets) in 2006

  • Release of the Mokoki mobile mapping application in 2007

  • Construction and launch of the 2007 ALP Federal Election campaign website

Finding Us

  • On The Street
    Level 1, 187 King Street
    Newcastle NSW, 2300

  • In The Post
    P.O. Box 1207
    Newcastle NSW, 2300